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A Chronology of the Stalnaker Family in America

Author, Cecil E. Stalnaker
Hardbound, 491 pages, Printed 1982

A Chronology of the Stalnaker Family in America focuses on Captain Samuel Stalnaker who lived in southwest Virginia in 1746 and lists many of his descendants in this book. The book starts with the Stalnaker Family’s coat of arms from 1606 in Quedlinburg, Germany and follows the journey of the family to their settlement in Virginia and West Virginia.

Fiftieth Anniversary of Initial Construction of the Tygart Valley Homesteads- Dailey & Valley Bend, West Virginia

Author, Thomas R. Ross
Paperback, 9 pages, printed 1984

The Early Histories of the Tygart Valley Homesteads is a pamphlet that tells the history about the Dailey and Valley Bend homesteads. The pamphlet starts in 1933 with the New Deal and progresses to the 40s and goes into detail about the importance of this program during the Great Depression in the area.


Have-A-Look Poems

Author, B. Wees
Hardcover, Printed 1946

A collection of 70+ poems that highlight West Virginia.

Historic Beverly, A Guide Book

Authors, Don Rice and Phyllis Baxter
Paperback, 38 Pages, Printed 1993

A Guide Book showcases forty-four different historic buildings and sites throughout Historic Beverly. This book includes some pictures of the historical places along with a description of what makes that place important.

Myself and I 

Author, Col. John W. Bosworth
Hardcover, 55 pages, Printed 1942

An autobiography about John W. Bosworth who was a successful lawyer and state legislator in West Virginia.

Randolph 200- A Bicentennial of Randolph County, West Virginia 1787-1987

Author, Donald L. Rice
Hardcover, 176 pages, Printed 1987

Randolph 200 celebrates the 200th anniversary of Randolph County with stories, history, and photographs of the past. These photographs are used to create a narrative of Randolph County and allow the reader to glimpse into the lives of the residents throughout the years.

The Battle of Rich Mountain

Author, Jack Zinn
Paperback, 57 pages, Printed 1992

The Battle of Rich Mountain goes through the battle that took place outside Beverly. This book includes illustrations of the generals, local maps, and photographs of the Hart Farm. It also goes through the battle movements that occurred on Rich Mountain in chronological order.



Randolph County Bicentennial Calendar- 1987


Randolph County Museum Ceramic Tile


Historic Beverly Ceramic Tile


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